Our Portfolio

We provide our customers a wide range of internet services. We have helped a variety of companies to find suitable domains for their need, and design their websites.

Our Domain Catalog

includes categories such as:
-First/last names
-Short domains(3-4 letters)
-and many more...


We are holding a wide variety of domains for the need of our customers.

Some of the domains we are holding are reserved, and under construction. Please specify the domain you are interested so that we can check whether the domain is reserved or available.

Mini Sites

We now offer our mini site service. This service is mostly suitable to domainers, who invest in domains. Instead of parking the domain, or not using it, we make a professional website on the domain, so that interested parties/companies will be more attracted because of the professional outlook, when they visit the domain's website. Some of our minisites:

Baby Toys Shop

Yemek Online

Dunya Mutfaklari

Baby To Baby

Cilt Bakim

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